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Mauri and welcome to Climate Finance Kiribati!

The increasing threat to Kiribati of climate change cannot be overestimated.  Climate change has already affected Kiribati’s coastlines, root crops, underground freshwater supplies and infrastructure like roads, causeways, and seawalls. International funding sources have been set up to help developing countries like Kiribati obtain grants and loans to combat climate change effects. The main ones are the Adaptation Fund, Climate Investment Funds, Green Climate Fund, and Global Environmental Facility. Many other countries also provide funds directly or on a regional basis.

These funding sources all have complicated procedures for accessing their funds, with strict conditions and rules that have to be followed before funds are released. The requesting country must designate a national authority or focal point of contact that can access and manage funds effectively and efficiently. The Ministry of Finance and Economic Development (MFED) carries out this role in Kiribati.  Given the broad areas in which assistance is needed, such as agriculture, environment, health, infrastructure, renewable energy and training and education, the need arose for a unit within the MFED to coordinate, harmonise and encourage climate financing across all government agencies. For this purpose, Cabinet approved in November 2016 the establishment of the Kiribati Climate Finance Division (KCFD) within MFED.

The primary role of KCFD is to help the country deal with the different funds and obtain climate change finance from them for Kiribati’s priority needs, either directly or through partnerships with institutions like regional and global development banks that are accredited to these funds. The KCFD undertakes coordination and cross-government cooperation with the organizations that carry out the priority projects: government, state-owned enterprises, civil society, private sector, women’s groups, youth groups, non-governmental organisations, civil society organisations, faith-based organisations, and development partners. KCFD also coordinates and, where appropriate, manages the operation of climate change programmes and projects, including monitoring and evaluating them against national expectations for national, regional and international reporting requirements.

You can contact us/KCFD at 686 750 22755 for more information about the Division or to enquire about climate-related projects or programmes.