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Central Procurement Unit

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Wednesday, February 5, 2020 - 10:31

The Unit had been established since June 2018 with its functions as to ensure that all public procurements are complied with the Public Procurement Act 2002.

The guiding key procurement principles of public procurement are known to be the core values of our work including:

- Value for Money
- Transparency
- Fairness
- Ethic
- Compliance
- Accountability

One of the main responsibility of CPU is to organized and plan for any procurement related meetings. The following is a proposed procurement meeting for 2019:

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Meeting Number
Proposed Dates

CPRB Meeting No.1/19

9th January 2019

CPRB Meeting No.2/19

30th January 2019

CPRB Meeting No.3/19

27th February 2019

CPRB Meeting No.4/19

13th March 2019

CPRB Meeting No.5/19

13th March 2019

CPRB Meeting No.6/19

27th March 2019

CPRB Meeting No.7/19

10th April 2019

CPRB Meeting No.8/19

8th May 2019

CPRB Meeting No.9/19

29th May 2019

CPRB Meeting No.10/19

11th June 2019

CPRB Meeting No.11/19

26th June 2019

CPRB Meeting No.12/19

24th July 2019

CPRB Meeting No.13/19

7th August 2019

CPRB Meeting No.14/19

4th September 2019

CPRB Meeting No.15/19

25th September 2019

CPRB Meeting No16/19

9th October 2019

CPRB Meeting No.17/19

30th October 2019

CPRB Meeting No.18/19

27th November 2019

CPRB Meeting No.19/19

11th December 2019

CPRB Meeting No.20/19

27th December 2019